Friday, January 13, 2012

How To Staying Motivated When Jogging!

Motivation does not happen by itself. Just as you plan to run, so you need to plan how to become and remain motivated. Motivation can be improved in the following ways:

1. Record your Running

Log management is an excellent way of monitoring progress and maintaining motivation. Simply write a few sentences in a notebook after each run. Record the date, time and mileage run and a couple comments about how you felt during the run. Your notes will show how much you progressed and give you an even bigger boost.

2. Finding a motto

Short and memorable phrase that is repeated while jogging helps you stay focused and concentrated. It becomes your internal motivation when you need it the most. Finding a motto is not difficult: you can find an idea while listening to iPod, talking with friends, or skimming through a magazine. Select a motto that suits your running style and personality!

3. Reward yourself

Treat yourself from time to time - new shoes for jogging or a massage (which helps in the prevention of injury). The awards will further energize and strengthen your commitment to training.

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