Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Solutions To Combat The Flu With Prevention

Finding Ways To Combat The Flu With Prevention Is Key

None of us like to get sick but combating the flu with prevention is more important than ever. My great-grandmother never was much for doctors and I would have to say I am the same way. Where as it is inevitable you will eventually get sick at some time, below are 5 of the best ways to boost your immune system so you can keep the number of occurrences to a minimum.

Wash your hands and carry hand sanitizer: Self explanatory yes, but even though it seems like a no brainier this easiest form of cold prevention it is also the most forgotten.

Vitamin C: In order to prevent yourself from getting sick you will want to make sure that your immune system is strong enough. It is best to try and do this well before others start showing signs of their illness. You can get Vitamin C in two ways: in pill form or with a glass of Orange Juice (you can also eat an orange if you would like). One glass a day will do or take the dose recommendation on the vitamin bottle, but don't go overboard. Your body can only take in so much before it starts to flush it right out.

Your mom is still right, eat your veggies: Vitamin C is not the only vitamin that you will need to keep the cold or flu away. As always you will want to make sure you eat a balanced meal for good health, but in vegetables lie many other essential nutrients that keep the bug away as well.

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