Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Remain Injury Free This Sport Season

Injury Prevention First

I am looking after a talented young man at the moment who sat and watched his high school basketball team from the sidelines because of a stress reaction in his back for the last half of the season. They eventually placed third in their comp. Commendable considering the number of injuries they had but he must have gone through the 'what ifs' in his head a hundred times. It is true that muscle strains as well as joint and ligament strains make up over 60% of all sporting injuries and if left unchecked can at times lead to stress responses and even stress fractures over time. In fact overuse injuries account for nearly half of all adolescent sporting injuries.* So for this young man when did it start to go wrong? In reality things had probably been unraveling for a while.

If you are worried about sporting injuries don't be...Instead think about preventing them first and foremost. It is true that your best way to prevent injury is in the pre season. Think about it, most sport seasons in school or university only go for around 10 to 14 weeks. If you have a significant injury in that time your influence on the team can be severely hampered. So what to do? The first thing is to get strong and when I say that I don't necessarily mean being able to lift 100 kilos! I mean make sure your core strength is up to scratch. Looking after a lot of up and coming as well as professional athletes, it always astounds me how technique and strength in doing simple exercises can be quite poor. This is evident at times even when an athlete has been working hard in the gym and appears outwardly quite strong. One of the major issues we see is weak and inhibited gluteal strength as well as abdominal strength and also inner range quads. Usually this is due to a combination of factors including body structure, technique and poor habits often from an early age. If left unchecked throughout a pre season these silent problems can lead to both acute as well as chronic injuries from muscle strains to ankle sprains and even more severe issues like stress fractures and ACL tears.

Treat Interstitial Cystitis

What is Interstitial Cystitis?

If you had asked me a month ago what Painful bladder syndrome and its Natural Remedies were, I would have just stared at you without the slightest idea of what you were talking about. Well, that will be probably because it is a less common form of cystitis that is not even caused by infection or bacteria. After a bit of research though, I was somewhat amused that I have never heard of such a interesting disease.

Interstitial Cystitis is an autoimmune disorder that is much graver than the average cystitis. It is a chronic inflammation of the bladder that affects men and women of all ages, although 90% of the people affected are women, especially the pregnant or the ones in menopause.

What are its causes?

Interstitial Cystitis may act up on its own or connected along with other autoimmune disorders. People with autoimmune disorders are more prone to Interstitial Cystitis but this is not, however, the cause of it. There are actually many theories on what the cause might be, but doctors have yet to find the exact cause of Interstitial Cystitis. Most people think so but stress isn't the cause either.

What are the symptoms?

The most common, and sometimes the only symptom for Interstitial Cystitis is the frequent feeling of wanting to urinate immediately, up to 60 times a day in severe cases. This is why Interstitial Cystitis is often mistakenly diagnosed as bladder infections, urethritis, or emotional problems. Other symptoms include pain in the lower abdominal, urethral, or vaginal area, bladder spasms, stiffness in the bladder, incontinence, "acidic" feeling while urinating, and lower bladder capability. Painful bladder syndrome is not contagious.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Steps to Overcome Obesity

In the world of junk foods, fizzy drinks, stressful environment and super fast life there is bound to be lapses in maintaining health. The result of ignorance is obesity. Once obesity strikes, you can't sit quite and be oblivious to the problems it throws upon you. You start exercising heavily, adhere to awkward diet, pop up pills and follow advices of some money grabbing weight loss institution. As a result, not only do you lose money, you lose peace of mind. Fitness programs like a boot camp would give you desirable results in losing weight but still you have to be careful about your habits you follow in day today life.

Food habits
The main culprit of obesity in today's fast-paced life is junk food. Foods like pizzas, burgers, chips and fries contain more fat producing substance than any other food. Stuff your plate with more vegetables and fruits; once you make a habit of eating them, you will easily forget your cravings for junk food. Vegetables and fruits contain fibers that absorb the unwanted fat from your body. Maintain a time table for having food, and avoid skipping your meals. Having small quantity of food at intervals is good rather than having large quantity of food at once.

Drinking habits
Myth: drinking more water keeps your body healthy. Fact: your body is designed to ask the amount of water it needs. So drinking water beyond the capacity of your body is not useful. But having other drinks when you are thirsty is harmful. Fizzy drinks, hot beverages and alcoholic drinks are not alternatives for water. They not only contain unhealthy ingredients, they produce harmful effects on the body when consumed with junk foods. Avoid having other drinks when you are thirsty. Instead, rejuvenate yourself with coconut water or just plain water.

TV and PC habits
Sitting in front of TV or PC with the movie playing and munching on popcorn, chips, fries bowl after bowl sounds exciting. But it is fatal to the body which bears the brunt of your excitement. Researchers have found that people gobble up more junk food when sitting in front of TV or PC. Avoid eating while watching TV or working on PC. Fill your bowl with fruits if you can't avoid it.

Friday, January 27, 2012

How We Can Help (Aromatherapy)

Aromatherapy is not just a case of making the room smell nice or playing with sweet smelling oils. Aromatherapy is a method of enlisting one of our most powerful senses - the sense of smell to help alleviate illness in the body. It takes an aromatic oil four minutes to begin to work in a bath or the same amount of time if you are in a vaporized room. The treatment enlists not only one sense but the absorption through our largest organ - the skin.

Oils need to be specifically designed to meet your needs and it is not just a case of mixing a few together. They need to be balanced and often, if used incorrectly they can have reverse affects. However it is alright to experiment with them if you are careful. If you need them for specific illnesses however, it is best to consult a professional.

- When using oils always make sure they are natural as ones with a chemical base release chemicals into your bloodstream or into the air when you burn them. Natural ones will cost you more but it is worth it.

- Never use undiluted oils straight on your skin. Some may cause irritation. Dilute in a carrier oil - grapeseed, apricot, almond are a few. Follow recipes to be safe.

- Do not use Neroli or Rosemary if you are pregnant or epileptic.

- Do not use Ylang Ylang if you have LOW blood pressure.

- Less is best when mixing oils.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Solutions To Combat The Flu With Prevention

Finding Ways To Combat The Flu With Prevention Is Key

None of us like to get sick but combating the flu with prevention is more important than ever. My great-grandmother never was much for doctors and I would have to say I am the same way. Where as it is inevitable you will eventually get sick at some time, below are 5 of the best ways to boost your immune system so you can keep the number of occurrences to a minimum.

Wash your hands and carry hand sanitizer: Self explanatory yes, but even though it seems like a no brainier this easiest form of cold prevention it is also the most forgotten.

Vitamin C: In order to prevent yourself from getting sick you will want to make sure that your immune system is strong enough. It is best to try and do this well before others start showing signs of their illness. You can get Vitamin C in two ways: in pill form or with a glass of Orange Juice (you can also eat an orange if you would like). One glass a day will do or take the dose recommendation on the vitamin bottle, but don't go overboard. Your body can only take in so much before it starts to flush it right out.

Your mom is still right, eat your veggies: Vitamin C is not the only vitamin that you will need to keep the cold or flu away. As always you will want to make sure you eat a balanced meal for good health, but in vegetables lie many other essential nutrients that keep the bug away as well.

Monday, January 23, 2012

How To Prevent Childhood Obesity to Increase Life Expectancy

We are reaching a stage in our obesity epidemic where we have decreased the life expectancy of our children!

According to Former Surgeon General Richard Carmona, we may see the first generation of children that will have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.

Up to now, each generation has had a longer life expectancy than their parents because we keep learning about better diets, have more modern medicine and technology to help us - and we have more information about healthy aging. But this knowledge has met up with a different and newer phenomenon - which is fast food and processed food. And children are paying the price as more of them are becoming extremely obese and obese at younger ages.

The rate of obesity among children and adolescents in the U.S. has almost tripled since the early 1980s but at present it has stopped increasing. Is this good news? Well yes it's good that the rate is no longer increasing - but it's bad that the rate is stuck at about 32% - because it is that 32% of our children who are the ones with lowered life expectancies. That's nearly one-third of the younger population!

Why is their life expectancy shortened? These obese children have high blood pressure and elevated blood cholesterol levels, which are early indicators for cardiovascular disease. And they are also developing diabetes. These are medical issues that had previously been seen in adult populations and this is what is putting them at risk of dying decades younger than normal-weight children of the same ages.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Can Stress Cause Hemorrhoids? (Stress and Hemorrhoids)

How can stress cause hemorrhoids? It may seem unlikely that stress could be causing your hemorrhoids problem. However, there are many ways you can get hemorrhoids and I hope to show you the connection between stress and hemorrhoids to help you find the cause of why you're getting yours. Hemorrhoids are thin-walled veins in the rectum. When these vein are under presser they tend to swell and cause hemorrhoids problems. Since hemorrhoidal veins are thin-walled they often seep blood or even break open and bleed.

So, how can stress cause hemorrhoids? Stress can increase your blood pressure. This increase in pressure can cause hemorrhoids or cause the ones you have to get worse. It is easy to compound the problem by doing other things that cause higher blood pressure and hemorrhoids. If you have a high stressed job and you are aware that your under a lot of stress then it is easy to turn to drinking alcohol to help you relax. Now drinking one or two drinks a night to help relax should not hurt you. However if you tend to drink three or more drinks a night you could be dehydrating the body causing constipation and hard stools. If you drink to the point of intoxication or binge drinking several nights a week than this can cause high blood pressure. Combining heavy drinking and stress could lead to hemorrhoids and other problems like heart disease, or heart attacks.

So, how can you lower your stress to help cure your hemorrhoids? If you have kids and work all day then it might be hard to find some alone time. However, While the kids are doing homework why not make yourself a cup a tea and instead of watching TV try reading a good book. This is a great way to forget about the days work and the stress of thinking about bills and other stuff.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Deal With an Autistic Meltdown

When parenting a young child with autism one of the scariest places you can be is in Public! Anywhere which has plenty of people, activity in addition to noises might boost the probability of an Autistic meltdown transpiring.

For those who are bringing up a child a child with autism spectrum disorder I'm confident you could relate with the event associated with going through an autistic meltdown, and recognize how these differ from a tantrum.

An event connected with an autistic meltdown may be unsuspecting and tend to be certainly not timed well at all, simply because they often arise in a position or place where there are plenty of individuals to observe the event.

Just like, a causal visit to the video shop one particular Saturday afternoon left one mum absolutely unraveled. This particular mum had taken her child to the movie shop to pick out a DVD for that night. This specific circumstance had not been unique for the child, but the shop was really busy with people in search of films for the night time. To help with making matters a whole lot worse the shop air-conditioning had also broken on this afternoon so to help with the temperature they put in place massive fans around the shop. The child (approximately age of 13) was a little bit annoyed regarding the change in setting and additionally was evidently far more uncomfortable with the number of people along with the amplified noise aspect in the shop. It didn't take him very long to pick out a DVD mainly because he wanted to leave the store. The particular tipping point followed for the reason that they did not any of the DVD he picked out.

He uttered the words 'go pay'. His mum made an effort to clarify it's not in and he must find another. He maintained saying again 'go pay' only on this occasion becoming more noticeable and louder.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Here Different Stress Relievers

We must accept the fact that stress is unavoidable and we must face it on our everyday living. There are different things to consider when you are stressed. You must know how to handle stress or else you will be at risk on its unwanted effects like different health problems.

Stress must not be considered as a problem because it will just make suffer more on it when thinking for a solution. The best thing rather is to do the things that will relieve your stressfulness. There are actually lots of things that can help us in relieving the tension that we are going through. Handling too much pressure will definitely not good for us, so we really need a time for break and relaxation.

Stress Relievers

Massage - a stress person can no longer respond to its personal needs like rest and breaks. Having been massaged will definitely ease your tardiness as well as the stress. Massage can contribute a lot on our physical wellness because it can replenish our strength.

Acupuncture - this is a traditional Chinese medicine that has been invented to treat different kinds of illness and it is discovered to be also good in treating stress. Our body is composed of many acupuncture points that can be aimed for specific treatments.

Breathing - this is a good technique for restoration. When we are stressed, it seemed that we cannot breathe properly due to the heavy problems that we are going through, and by breathing technique you can easily restore or oxygenize your system - a pause for a while for deep inhalation and exhalation will probably give you an opportunity to gain extra strength in facing your problem.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

One of the Many Effects of a Headache (Light Sensitivity)

Headaches can do more than cause you pain. Some can completely incapacitate you. No matter the cause, there are things you can do to help stop the pain...and things to avoid.


Light: The darker the room, the better for your pain. Many times, your eyes are at least part of the problem. Just closing your eyes usually isn't enough. Even with your eyes closed, some light can still seep in.

Strong Smells: It may be individual, but certain scents, particularly of the culinary variety, can make head pain worse. For me, bacon, hamburger and even garlic are too strong. Even a baby's diaper deposit can turn it from a headache to headache and vomiting.

Exercise: Some headaches are caused by restrictions in blood vessels. Exercise can make that worse. That's one reason one of the first recommendations for a headache sufferer is to lie down.

Sound: We have quite a surround sound system, built over many years. The bass is so strong it can and has knocked dishes off of shelves. It even caused my favorite platter to be broken...just from the system. Can you imagine what that would do with a headache involved?

Home Remedies

Pain Relievers: Over the counter pain relievers may help some headaches. Which you choose depends on what conditions you have and what medications you are already taking. Talk to your pharmacist to make sure you're taking something safe for you. If the OTC pain reliever doesn't work, see your doctor. Severe pain, especially if it has a sudden onset should also be seen immediately.

Friday, January 13, 2012

How To Staying Motivated When Jogging!

Motivation does not happen by itself. Just as you plan to run, so you need to plan how to become and remain motivated. Motivation can be improved in the following ways:

1. Record your Running

Log management is an excellent way of monitoring progress and maintaining motivation. Simply write a few sentences in a notebook after each run. Record the date, time and mileage run and a couple comments about how you felt during the run. Your notes will show how much you progressed and give you an even bigger boost.

2. Finding a motto

Short and memorable phrase that is repeated while jogging helps you stay focused and concentrated. It becomes your internal motivation when you need it the most. Finding a motto is not difficult: you can find an idea while listening to iPod, talking with friends, or skimming through a magazine. Select a motto that suits your running style and personality!

3. Reward yourself

Treat yourself from time to time - new shoes for jogging or a massage (which helps in the prevention of injury). The awards will further energize and strengthen your commitment to training.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Slow Down or Even Reverse Hair Loss

People all over the world, men and women, have experienced hair loss throughout their lives. While it's common to have less hair as you get older, some people begin having hair loss in their twenties or thirties. Stopping hair loss, even reversing its effects, is actually possible if you know what to do. The goal of this article is to help you understand hair loss and, if you have it, do something about it.

There is a new solution for losing your hair and it involves a process using hair therapy using lasers. There are varying degrees of effectiveness throughout the number of procedures and devices that use lasers. No matter what the product or where you buy it, it won't work for everyone, even though it works for some people, such as a laser comb. It is important for you to check out what customers say about a product before you decide to purchase it. More effective, and more costly as well, are laser therapy treatments that are administered by professionals. One of the reasons that it can become expensive, is because it might take more than one session to work. This could work out to be a good solution for you, but you should definitely check out the treatment in your area before you decide. Men and women experience the problem of thinning hair, yet the reason that it occurs can vary. Male pattern baldness is typically why men lose their hair, yet women have this problem for other reasons. There is such a thing as female pattern baldness, but it's far less common than the male variety and usually doesn't occur all over the scalp. At a certain age, many women experience menopause which is an event that can trigger imbalances within the body that can cause you to lose your hair. Dieting is also a known culprit which can actually cause women to lose their hair and lose too much weight at the same time. Hair loss is definitely a potential byproduct of anyone on a severe diet.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Get Rid of Severe Acne Fast

Getting rid of severe acne can be difficult, but if you know the right methods to use to get rid of it, then it can be only a matter of days, before you see positive results. I have suffered with severe acne in the past, and it is only down to a few tried and tested methods, that I finally have clear skin.

I know what it's like having acne, and waking up everyday with a feeling that your skin is never going to clear. It does not have to be like that, and with a couple of natural remedies, that can help take away some of the acne and acne scars, you can be on your way to having clearer skin in just a couple of days.

How to get rid of severe acne fast. A couple of natural remedies to try.

Natural remedies seem to work pretty well on acne, and I would like to run through a couple of natural products you can place on your skin, to try and get rid of your acne. Tea tree oil and lemon juice are some of the leading natural remedies, and seem to work for a lot of people. Did they work for me? In the first couple of weeks, I did see a slight improvement, but nothing that was making me jump up and down with excitement.

Many dermatologists believe that drying out the skin is the way forward in clearing acne, but I myself are not convinced. There are also those who believe food plays a major part in helping clear severe acne, and if I am honest, a change in diet did help me see some improvements, more than simply cleaning my face with natural products.

I am not one who thinks acne creams and similar products play a major part in getting rid of severe acne, but they however, help keep the skin clean and free from dirt, so they cannot be a bad thing overall. If you ask the experts however, they may disagree, and many skin specialists will tell you, nothing you can put on the skin from outside, can really help clear acne, which comes from within out bodies.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

What Causes My Finger To Lock And Catch And Get Stuck? (Trigger Finger)

Trigger finger is a common problem in the hand that causes locking and pain in the involved finger or thumb. The technical name used to describe trigger finger is stenosing tenosynovitis. Stenosing means a narrowing of a tunnel or tube-like structure (the sheath of the tendon). Tenosynovitis means inflammation of the tendon.

Your fingers flex (make a fist) and extend (straighten out). Two sets of tendons make this possible - flexor tendons (on the palm side) and extensor tendons (on the back side of the hand). Trigger finger involves the flexor tendons of the hand.

Flexor tendons are normally smooth, white bands of tissue that start as muscles in the forearm and connect to the bones in your fingers. As they go from the forearm into the wrist and fingers, they pass through tight tunnels (sheaths) that keep them close to the bones of your hand.

The sheath is lined with a lubricating tissue called synovium. This tissue sits between the tunnel wall and the tendon. Trigger finger is caused by inflammation of the synovium, enlargement of the tendon, and thickening or narrowing of the sheath itself, usually in the area of the palm closest to the fingers.

The name of the tendon sheath in this area is the "A1 pulley".

These problems with the tendon's lining, the tendon, and the sheath, all combine to make it hard for the tendon to glide smoothly through the tunnel as your finger bends and straightens.

As the patient tries to flex (bend into a fist) the affected finger, the enlarged tendon has trouble passing underneath the sheath's tight opening. When the patient grips tight enough, the swollen tendon is suddenly pulled through the sheath with a painful snap, which may lock the finger in a bent position (it won't straighten except with help from the other hand). The action of straightening the finger from its locked position creates another often painful snapping sensation as the enlarged tendon passes back through the tunnel.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Please Be Kind (We Are Your Doctors)

"The biggest cost of suits brought under the malpractice system is the emotional injury that physicians experience when they believe they did the best possible under difficult circumstances." ~ AMA Board of Trustees

Much has been written recently in the local news about medical malpractice-escalating premiums, physicians leaving medicine due to threat of lawsuits or inability to obtain coverage, the right of an injured patient to appropriate redress... but little about its impact on the physician as an individual.

A great physician strives for perfection, seeks and accepts responsibility, and is willing to sacrifice. But what makes us great also opens us to the injuries and burnouts of medical practice. Our medical culture demands time from our families and ourselves. We have high rates of substance abuse. We have 20% higher rates of divorce. Male physicians are twice as likely to commit suicide as the general population; female physicians have four times that rate. We are in a high profile, high stress occupation but have chosen this road and embrace this journey. Being your physician is not just what we do, it is who we are.

A medical malpractice case doesn't simply question our care, it attacks our being. It leads to shock, distress, shame, and depression. We begin to doubt our medical abilities. The secrecy or infamy isolates us from our family, friends, and colleagues.

When faced with a recent medical malpractice case, I examined my own words and actions with diligence-had I done everything that I should? I was "negligent, incompetent, reckless, careless" -was this so?

My case dragged on for more than a year before it was dismissed, and for most of those days the specter of my alleged mistakes rode upon my shoulder. The thick cream envelope from my lawyer sapped me daily, full of arcane motions, actions, and requests for more information. These missives in foreign tongues did nothing to comfort me; they just kept the wound open.